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Adelaide Botanic Garden

Come on a journey amongst the plants and pathways of the Adelaide Botanic Garden with award winning writer, directs and performer, Michael Mills.  Along the way, you are not a just a member of an audience watching a show… You are an active participant. You do not go along to watch a story… You join us and become part of the story.

In each of the experiences, the plants of the Adelaide Botanic Garden are not simply a back drop for a show. They are an integral character of the story.

Suitable for class-sized groups. Cost $250 per session. Duration approx. 1 hour. For enquiries and group session bookings call 0411287381, or email michael@heapsgood.com.au Sessions available throughout the year. Times negotiable. Discounts available if booking more than one session in a day.

Singing in the Rainforest

I’ts the small things!

This is a one person, multi-character experience that sees participants explore the main features of a rainforest. We discover what is important about rainforests from some very different points of view. Through studying the role of sunlight, water and nutrients in rainforests, we are able to better understand their role in other habitats and ecosystems. Through learning about the importance of rainforests, we are better able to understand why it is so essential that we take steps to save them. In “Singing in the Rainforest” we learn the power that our individual actions can have, and of how we can take those steps together.

Suitable Reception to Year 4.

Look around you, what do you see? Now look again! What don't you see? You often don't see the small, the tiny or the itty-bitty creatures that make up most of the living things that inhabit the Earth. And not only do they inhabit it, they rule the world! Come on a delightful journey into the world of the tiny with award-winning writer performer Michael Mills as Charles Darwin, on a walk through the nooks and crannies of Adelaide Botanic Garden. In an interactive musical adventure amongst some of the world's most delightful plants, it won't be long before you realise that it's the small things, after all, that matter!

Suitable for Reception to Year 4.

The Day of the Dinosaurs

Have you ever made a dinosaur nest? Do you know how enormous some of the long neck dinosaurs were, how much they needed to eat to get that way, and how much methane they created in doing so? Find out by joining singing palaeontologist Professor Flint on a journey through the Adelaide Botanic Garden in search of prehistoric plants. While most of the dinosaurs went extinct, (other than some that we now call birds), many of the plants, and their relatives from that period remain with us today. In “The Day of the Dinosaurs” find out how and why, as we are reminded that the study of prehistoric life must always include a study of the plants that made that life possible.

The Day of the Dinosaurs is an interpretive, educational tour amongst the plants of the Adelaide Botanic Garden, exploring behaviours, habitats, and extinction. What did a day look like to some of the world’s dinosaurs, and what role did plants play in that daily life? What happened to the many plant species 66 million years ago when most of the dinosaurs were wiped out? This is a STEM focused performance. Suitable for Reception to Year 7 with each session tailored to the age specific needs of the group.

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