HeapsGood Theatrical/Interpretive Walks
Singing in the Rainforest

Join Michael as he plays 5 different characters in an amazing musical experience amongst the rainforest plants of the Bicentennial Conservatory.

Listen to “Under the Canopy”
Let Creative Director, Michael Mills tell you all about it...

For class sized groups, Michael presents several theatrical walks, available on an as-booked basis.

The charge is $5 per student, with a minimum cost of $220.

The possibility of larger groups, or several bookings on the one day are available, and should be discussed with Michael vi the email contact link below.

There are places, between “a walk in the garden”, and “Shakespeare in the garden”, where educational interpretation sits. 

At Heaps Good Productions we have had great success in producing experiences that dwell in this place; that live along this continuum.

At Heaps Good Productions, our specialty is finding a unique fit between education and entertainment, and in creating extraordinary adventures that help bring the collections of museums and other cultural institutions to life.