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What they’re saying about...

“Michael Mills’ various dramatic and singing performances have become a significant component of key events and programs. He has performed for school students and visitors of varying ages to effectively engage them with the scientific and historical stories of the museum.

He is able to successfully combine his knowledge of theatre and performing with his deep understanding of the museum’s collections enabling him to weave together creative songs and stories that capture the audience’s interest.”
Sharon Morris, Manager, Community Engagement
South Australian Museum

“Michael consults with experts in the field to ensure his content is accurate, authentic and up to date. He then transforms and weaves information into delightful theatrical performances using a range of characters, costumes, crafted and spontaneous comedy, dialogue, visual slapstick and quick repartee.
As a performer he quickly connects and establishes trust and a dialogue with audiences of all ages. He appreciates the power of participation and imagination and always gets his audience involved and up off their feet. Using simulation, music and theatrical characters he is also able to powerfully deliver unique, entertaining, integrated curriculum based programs to school groups using institutional collections and displays.” 
Steve Meredith, former Education Officer
Adelaide Botanic Garden

“Michael Mills is seen as both an innovative, and highly professional practitioner by his peers, the institutions he works with, and by his audiences.”
Barry Kay, Interpretive Theatre Development Manager
Sovereign Hill

“These imaginative, engaging and highly entertaining performances with original music give children greater context for the objects and stories showcased in the Museum. The Museum looks forward to collaborating with Michael on future projects.”
Lindl Lawton, Senior Curator
South Australian Maritime Museum

“Rumpelstiltskin is without doubt, the best show I’ve seen come to a school in over 20 years of teaching.”
Coromandel Valley Primary School

And from our most important critics, our audience...
“Stellar job, as always. From the kids: "I loved it!" "It was funny, and a bit spooky." "I loved the costumes and the existential puppets." (Okay, maybe that last one was from me.)”

"Fantastic show today... must see for all children and adults!"

"The best thing ever and ever!"

"Wow... just wow! My kids never sit through an entire show. This was totally awesome, and had them from the beginning to the end."

"This is our third time... our granddaughter loves everything about it. We'll be back!"
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