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The stories we are told as children play an integral role in shaping the stories that become our lives. The music we consume in our youth becomes the soundtrack that echoes who we are, for as long as we are.

Through a collection of stories and music that derive from Germany, Denmark, China, Ghana, Egypt, Wales, and Australia, Michael has created a wonderful theatrical experience that takes it’s audience on a journey to the universal story.

Available for in-school performances.
Suitable for R to 4
“Dinosaurs Down Under”
Join singing scottish palaeontologist  Prof Flint on an amazing of musical adventures through time.
In “Dinosaurs Down Under”, we discover the huge clawed Australovenator, and stomp through swamps with the colossal, long-necked Wintonotitan… as we make our way through Australia’s own age of Dinosaurs.
We also  meet Megalania, a giant, ferocious lizard, a rather large wombat known as Diprotodon, a leopard-sized carnivorous possum called Thylacoleo, and gigantic kangaroos and birds… as we come face to face with Australia’s Megafauna.
Prof Flint is available for school performances and workshops. Suitable for R to 5. Workshops suitable for  older students available.

Michael Mills


“The Storyteller”

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“These imaginative, engaging and highly entertaining performances with original music give children greater context for the objects and stories showcased in the Museum. The Museum looks forward to collaborating with Michael on future projects.”
Lindl Lawton, Senior Curator, South Australian Maritime Museum
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Here’s a wee tune from “Gory Stories” to whet your appetite, and sing along to...

Performed at the SA Maritime Museum, for the International Museum Theatre Alliance...
“As a performer he quickly connects and establishes trust and a dialogue with audiences of all ages. He appreciates the power of participation and imagination and always gets his audience involved and up off their feet.” Steve Meredith, Education Officer, Adelaide Botanic Garden