Heaps Good Productions

A not quite exhaustive, but somewhat detailed list of shows produced over the past few years by
Heaps Good Productions

Dinosaurs Down Under
Join singing scottish palaeontologist Prof Flint on an amazing musical adventure through time. In “Dinosaurs Down Under”, we discover the huge clawed Australovenator, travel through swamps with the colossal, long-necked Wintonotitan, and go munching with Matilda… as we travel through Australia’s own age of Dinosaurs.
We also meet Megalania, a giant, ferocious lizard, a rather large wombat known as Diprotodon, a leopard-sized carnivorous possum called Thylacoleo, and gigantic kangaroos and birds… as we come face to face with Australia’s Megafauna.
Creatures of the Slime
Australia’s fossil record is home to some of the oldest, and most important fossils on Earth. In addition to it’s intriguing record of the dinosaur period, and our own “Ice Age” mega-fauna, Australia is home to the first animals that were bigger than specs of slime. Haling from the Flinders Ranges, the Ediacaran fauna are thought to be first large body sized animals. They were the first hunters, both living in and feasting on the slime of the oceans. In another scientific and musical adventure, Professor Flint will take you back to a time some 400 million years before the dinosaurs...

Dancing with Diprotodons
Australia was once home to an extraordinary array of enormous, ferocious lizards, giant wombats and kangaroos, leopard-sized carnivorous possums, and gigantic flightless birds. All of these species, however, are extinct. In “Dancing with Diprotodons” you will meet all that remains of these giant beasts in a fascinating musical journey amongst the rocks and bones of this ancient land.

“Dancing with Diprotodons” teaches us that the potential for extinction is never far away. It shows us how fragile our ecosystems truly are. It provides a timely reminder to us all of the impact that humans and a changing climate can have on the ability of our fellow creatures to survive. More than anything, however, it gives a unique insight into the fantastic beasts that once roamed the Australian continent, and the habitat in which they lived.
Dr Gee’s Chamber of Secrets
Join Dr. Nigel Reginald Gee on an entertaining and educational musical adventure as he traces the history of human energy use, how it has changed us, and how we now need to change how we use it in order to ensure our own survival. Through the use of songs, artefacts, anecdotes, and a dazzling PowerPoint display, Dr. Gee explores a number of options for energy production, from coal, to solar, to nuclear, in his search for an energy solution. In so doing, Dr. Gee gives us some hope that we by producing energy in a sustainable way, are on the verge of the next great leap forward in this, the Age of Energy…

Almost Human
Join world famous naturalist Charles Darwin on a journey through the world of animals, with special emphasis on the most amazing animal of all: humans!

In an extraordinary musical adventure, students help Darwin investigate the evolution of animal life, social behaviour, family relationships, love and death. Along the way, students assist him in finding answers to the question of what it is to be human. In discovering our uniqueness in the world, however, we are also able to see how close the relationship is between us, and some of the other inhabitants of this planet. In short, we learn how some of our animal relatives, are indeed, almost human in some of the things they do!

The Case of the Missing Mummy
It is almost two hundred generations since the death of missing Pharaoh, Ramahotep II. Horace Ankharamenah Nehebukah Smith, a direct descendant of the missing Pharaoh’s closest guardian, is set to unveil the Pharaoh’s recently discovered Mummy at the SA Museum. But nothing ever goes to plan for Horace, and the missing mummy, once again, goes missing! In an extraordinary musical adventure exploring the magic, myths and mysteries of Ancient Egypt, this memorable experience will provide you with a fascinating insight into one of the great cultures of history.

In so doing, it also asks questions exploring the role of myth and superstition in the modern world. It further examines the importance of the natural world in the development of modern technologies and civilisations. It reminds us all that successful civilisations are founded on an appreciation and empathetic understanding of the natural world.

Singing in the Rainforest
Rainforests play a number of important roles in assisting the maintenance of the Earth’s biodiversity, and in providing we humans with food, shelter, and a range of other resources. Rainforests are also a place where stories are made, where songs are sung, and where dreams go to dance. Featuring world famous singing scientist, Professor Elliot Gnash, and a host of other kooky characters, “Singing in the Rainforest” is an interactive adventure that celebrates the diversity and wonder of a unique ecosystem. In so doing, it highlights the role of the different layers of the rainforest, including the canopy, and the under-storey, and celebrates a number of unique features such as strangler figs, buttress roots, and ferns.

Performed at both the Adelaide and Royal Sydney Botanic Gardens, and involved the audience traveling with Prof. Gnash to various key locations, and interacting with a range of interesting characters along the way, including Marvin Marley-the Guardian of the Rainforest, Captain Melvin Kelvin, of the Interplanetary Botanical Investigator Service, and Pierre Le Dejuener.

Dancing with Leaves
“Dancing with Leaves” begins with a guided nature walk which incorporates the use of puppets, dance, storytelling and music from both indigenous and non-indigenous performers. In this, the first half, the audience is broken into smaller groups that experience a series of performances on a rotational basis, that express in a number of different ways, the diversity of Australian culture.

In the second half, the entire audience gathers together to experience the journey of two very different people. After a shaky start, Tjirbruke the Peacemaker of the Kaurna community, and the recently arrived Captain William Bamble of London Town discover that through sharing songs and stories, they are able to avert confrontation, and learn a little about each other’s culture and history along the way.

As the journey continues, Captain Bamble discovers that there’s more to a forest than the wood of the trees, while Tjirbruke begins to appreciate Bamble’s extraordinary sense of adventure. Along the way, “Dancing with Leaves” shows us a positive pathway we can take to heal the environment and promote reconciliation.

Aliens Amongst Us
Are they strange visitors from another planet or really just weird life forms beautifully adapted to living on planet Earth?  Find out by joining acclaimed children’s performer Michael Mills as Captain Melvin Kelvin in an all new action packed, sing-a-long search for extra terrestrials in the Adelaide Botanic Garden. 

Be amazed and have fun as you discover just how unique and bizarre some plants of the earthly kind can be.  Aliens Amongst Us reminds us of the extraordinary diversity in the plant world.

The Magic Raindrop
In a galaxy, not too far away, the planet Aqua is dying. Little remains of the plants and creatures that lived on the planet once famous for it’s supply of fresh water throughout the universe. The mighty Water Warriors that once guarded the planet, and looked after it’s seemingly unlimited fresh water resources are all but gone. Indeed, only one of them, the unheralded Captain Splash, is known to have survived the terrible conditions on Aqua, and escaped. Captain Splash now wanders the universe, in search of water covered planets, in the hope that he can warn them of the folly of taking their fresh water for granted, and because he himself, wouldn’t mind a nice glass of water…

“The Magic Raindrop”, as told by Captain Splash, is the story of the real magic of nature, and of the importance of one of our planet’s most precious resources, water. In so doing, “The Magic Raindrop” teaches us that it’s the little things we all do that once added up can make a huge difference to the world’s water ways, and ultimately to all life on our planet.

Dinner with the Dinosaurs
The Earth’s plants are dying. In response, Captain Melvin Kelvin of the Interplanetary Botanical Investigator Service has been sent back in time two thousand million years, to study the evolution of plants on Earth. His mission: to find out why plants are becoming extinct. “Dinner with the Dinosaurs” sees him on his return, in an extraordinary and fun-filled musical debriefing session with the fascinating results of his mission being revealed.

Captain Kelvin’s role is to debrief the next generation of potential scientists and explorers and provide them with enough knowledge to help them save the plants of Planet Earth.

The Puppets of Penzance
Everyone saw what the deckhand saw. Everyone knows what the ship's cook knows. Everyone heard what the Captain had to say. But what of the ship's cat? What did he see? And what might he have to say about it? And what about all the other animals that lived on board, or dropped in to visit? What did they see? And what did they know?

In an enthralling series of adventures, find out what really happened on board the early sailing ships by the folk who really knew... Norman the stowaway rat... Brian, the Australian seagull,  and Trim, the Captain's cat. Featuring puppets, singing, dancing, and storytelling, "The Puppets of Penzance: A cat's tale", is an all new show, written especially for the South Australian Maritime Museum's interactive exhibition, "Sea-chest Secrets".

Through Norman the stowaway rat, we discover what the food and conditions were like on board, as well as learning about his dreams of finding a new land. Brian the seagull shares stories about a life, constantly at sea, as well as wondering who these strange creatures, the cat and rat could be. And, of course, Trim the Captain's cat has much to say about everything, especially the running of the ship.

Shipwrecked: Attack of the Sea Monsters
In “Shipwrecked: Attack of the Sea Monsters”, we join Captain Bummblefingers and his crew on a mission to deliver a cargo of brussel sprouts and broccoli to the children of Adelaide. Along the way, the ship sails just that little bit too far south, ending up in the Southern Ocean, amongst the cold wins and stormy seas surrounding Antarctica.
On realising the error of their ways, Captain Bummblefingers becomes ever paranoid over tales he’s heard about sea monsters in these mysterious waters. His paranoia grows to such an extent that every creature he sees swimming, and every shadow that passes by, becomes a reason to sail away as fast as the winds will take them. Seemingly under attack from an ever increasing gang of monsters, the good ship Lollylegs the Third, eventually runs aground, is totally wrecked, and the poor children of Adelaide miss out on their broccoli and sprouts
Shipwrecked: the search for Peter Pan
Join Captain Horatio Bummblefingers and crew, on the good ship Lollylegs the Fourth, as they follow the second star on the right ‘til morning in search of Peter Pan! On their journey toward Neverland, will they be able to avoid the depths of Davey Jones’ Locker, or escape the eerie calm of the  doldrums? Will they ever find Peter Pan, or as so often seems to be the case, end up shipwrecked on a deserted island.
In an extraordinary musical adventure, resplendent with sing-along sea shanties, and some wonderful dancing, “Shipwrecked: The Search for Peter Pan” suggests that sometimes, even the most unlikely of dreams might come true.
So, if you’ve ever believed in a dream, “Shipwrecked: The Search for Peter Pan” will help you believe even more. And if singing, dancing, laughing, and adventures on the high seas are things that matter to you, this is one adventure you won’t want to miss.
Wallaby Bob’s Excellent Aussie Adventure
Wallaby Bob was born amongst the spinifex and scrub of Australia’s arid interior. Through the weathered extremes of the Australian Outback, his character developed into one that typifies the traditional Australian Swaggie, and yet captures the essence of contemporary Australian culture.

“The Excellent Aussie Adventure” is the result of a journey through the world’s most fascinating and inspiring terrain. With songs and yarns about rock wallabies, wombats, emus, kookaburras and more, this is one show that will have you “Cooo-eee-ing” for more.

Wallaby Bob’s Endangered Species Safari
Wallaby Bob loves the diversity and extremes of this place we call Australia- of the land that he calls home. He has been known, however, to venture beyond the boundaries of his favourite place, in search of other worldly wonders. “The Extraordinary Endangered Species Safari” is the result of Wallaby Bob’s adventures overseas, and of his encounters with some of the world’s rarest creatures. With songs about tigers, elephants, baboons, and more, this show provides an amusing and fascinating insight into some of our planet’s vanishing animals. In so doing, it gives us all, even greater motivation to want to save them.

Inspector Zoo-clue and the Search for the Most Dangerous Animal Alive
Singing, bumbling, accidental detective Inspector Zooclue features in a mad cap adventure at in search of the most dangerous animal in the world. You follow a trail of clues, and suspects, until you reach the stunning and unexpected conclusion over which animal is the most dangerous of them all. Is it the team work of the hymadryas baboons that makes them the most dangerous? Is it the ferocity and stealth of the tiger? Is it the size and strength of the hippopotamus? Is it the deadly venom and rapid attack speed of the desert death adder? From all of the usual suspects, to a few unexpected and surprising candidates, the search for the most dangerous animal alive is on. See if you can solve the mystery before Inspector Zooclue

Inspector Zoo-clue and the Case of the Missing Long-johns!
Singing, bumbling, accidental detective Inspector Zooclue is having trouble coping with the cold and wet conditions of winter. His teeth keep chattering, his nostrils have frozen closed, and his ears have turned a funny shade of blue! To make matters worse, while he’s trying to warm himself up, he makes the tragic discovery that someone, or something, has made off with his favourite winter warmer… his long johns!

Meanwhile, many of the animals at the Zoo seem to be smugly coping with the wet and wintry conditions that are causing the poor Inspector so much trouble. In this hilarious musical adventure, no one who seems to be coping with the cold is beyond suspicion. Any one of them could be wearing the chilly inspector’s long johns. Find out what really happened to Inspector Zooclue’s thermal underpants and along the way discover some of the unique and interesting ways that different animals are able to cope with the cold.

Inspector Zoo-clue has ants in his pants!
The Inspector is desperate for some kind of insecticide as he seems to have a whole lot of ants dancing in his pants! As he struggles to find a way of ridding his pants of their unwelcome visitors, he learns begins to realise that the small animals are just as important, and interesting, as the larger, more charismatic ones.

Inspector Zoo-clue and the Secrets of the Shadows
Inspector Zoo-clue is a bit scared of the dark, and wonders what creepy critters might dwell amongst the shadows. As is always the case, once he spends some time learning about some of the particular critters, he comes to realise that living in the dark, amongst the shadows, is a highly effective strategy that different animals use for different reasons in order to help them survive.

The Most Groovy Concert Ever
Featuring world famous singing scientist Professor Elliot Gnash, ‘The Most Groovy Concert Ever’ is a natural adventure of fun and discovery in song that begins in the comfy surrounds of Professor Gnash’s house, and concludes in the sometimes scary wilds of his  extraordinary garden 

Through Gnash’s unique and inimitable style, it delves into the ever present relationship we have with the natural world. In so doing, it highlights the fascinating connections we all have with nature in our homes, and in our gardens, and reminds that everything around us is a part of, or comes from, the natural world.

The Storyteller
The stories we are told as children play an integral role in shaping the stories that become our lives. The music we consume in our youth becomes the soundtrack that echoes who we are, for as long as we are.

Through a collection of stories and music that derive from Germany, Denmark, China, Ghana, Egypt, the United Kingdom, and Australia, acclaimed children’s entertainer and producer Michael Mills has created a wonderful theatrical experience that takes it’s audience on a journey to the universal story. As we travel through time and place, from tribal drums, ancient scrolls, and Lute wielding Minstrels, to radio, television and the internet, we learn how the methods of storytelling have changed.

Above all else, though, it is the stories themselves that matter. It is in their content that we learn about the common themes we share as people; where we learn that even though storytelling techniques may differ in time and place, our common needs and desires as humans are never that different from one another.

Read all about it!
“Read all about it” is a fascinating escapade into the magical world of children’s television. It is a musical memoir that provides it’s audience with captivating insights into how songs begin, and where they sometimes go to play. Drawing heavily from the writer’s experiences on Channel 7’s “The Book Place”, as a song writer and presenter, “Read all about it!” features an array of purposely written songs, and the books and stories from which they were inspired. With songs about the three pigs, the three bears, dinosaurs, Wellington boots, elephants and crazy cakes, “Read all about it is a timely celebration of a television show that achieved iconic status across Australia.

Out of the Egg
Ideas can come from the most extraordinary places. They can also come from the most ordinary. By going on a musical journey with acclaimed South Australian writer/performer Michael Mills, you will see how creative inspiration can come from anything.

With songs inspired by such things as apricots, wallabies, the ceiling, and of course, eggs, “Out of the egg” is a feast for the imagination, and an inspiration to creativity. It combines a collage of fantastic images in song, and high energy performance.
There is place where apricots can dance, and ride their bicycles to school. There is a place where pianos get to mow the lawn, and sausage covered mountains frolic in the early morning sun. It is a place we all know. It is a place where we spend most of our childhood years, though as we “grow up”, don’t get to visit as often.

In what at first appears to be a random journey of unlikely songs and ideas, ‘Out Of The Egg’ shows us that creative inspiration can come from anything. With songs inspired by such things as apricots, brussel-sprouts, and the ceiling, it is an inspiration to creativity for us all. As such, it reminds us that it entirely possible to forever remain in a world where anything is possible, and that as we imagine, so we can create.

A new spin on an old tale
Have you ever wondered why the Miller told the King his daughter could spin straw into gold? Or how it was that a goblin with a funny name was able to do just that, at just the right time? Discover the answer to these, and other questions, in a hilarious, musical retelling of the most intriguing fairy tale of them all! In a world premiere event, written and directed by Michael Mills, sing and dance your way to discovering the true story of the Miller, his daughter, the King, and of course, that goblin with the funny name!

Happy Birthday to Ewe!
In this special birthday show, Michael Mills plays an amazing 9 different characters in the space of 50 minutes, each with their own song to sing! In a frenzy of singing and ancing, and cake baking, each character is trying to be the first to get to the birthday party, so that the celebrations can begin.
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