HeapsGood Adventures

We have many years experience creating interpretive, educational performances in cultural institutions, and other non-traditional locations… site specific experiences that engage the visitors, in the stories of the collections. Here are just a few examples…

Gory Stories from the Putrid Past

Stories of plague, rough medicine, and how our changing understanding of medical practise has seen great stories in the advancement of science have never been more relevant. Gory Stories from the Putrid Past is the story of the importance of science, across the ages, and how we make progress through science to improve the quality of life on Earth. It was performed across 3 sell-out seasons at the South Australian Maritime Museum.

It was once thought by many that diseases such as the plague were spread by smells... also known as miasmas! The Plague Doctor was “protected” by a rather spooky looking outfit, that included a beak filled with nice odours as protection against disease!

Cholera is a disease that if you get it, and it reaches a certain point, you’re generally done for. What’s that point? When you start turning blue! So, of course, here we are are, singing… “The Cholera Blues.”

The Big Book of Pirates

“The Big Book of Pirates”, and “The Bigger Book of Pirates”  is an adventure in two parts on several of the seven seas on why it is that being a pirate, is most likely, a very daft career choice! Many of the tunes from the show are featured tunes in “The Big Songbook of Pirates”.  Out now!

HeapsGood Photo Album

An assorted collection of photos from some of the other things we do!

Prince Henry on the Pichi-Richi steam-train

French artist, Henri Matisse at the South Australian Art Gallery for “The Colours of Impression” Exhibition”

Multiple characters inhabiting the streets of Port Adelaide during the Port Vintage Festival

Pirates in their PJs!

Science Week, 2017 at Adelaide Botanic Garden

The Great South Australian Fossil Debate, 2020

Mungo the Magpie making friends at Science Alive!

Mungo the Magpie, at Cleland Wildlife Park

Mary Anning, on location, at Encounter Bay

Prof Flint’s “Dinosaur University” office

Prof Flint in the Disk-Edits studio with Neville

Exploring narrative and working with the community at Naracoorte to help them tell their story

Art workshop for “The Story of the Motherfish”, an art/science collaboration with the Marine Discovery Centre

Team photo 2019

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